Tanta DeStaffany Pennington
Contemporary Artist
RECESS: go, go, go STOP! NUBULA 15 # 87 monsters under the bed…Oh, they’re in my head.
RECESS:paintingsNUBULA:mixed media drawing on paperMONSTERS UNDER THE BED….OH, THEY’RE IN MY HEAD:mixed media drawing on paper
Moissac France THE GIRLS WITH PEARLS, once again overshadowed Simone. # 3. Everything Existed—Once Upon a Time.
PILGRIMAGE:mixed media drawing on paperTHE GIRLS WITH PEARLS: mixed media drawingsEVERYTHING EXISTED—ONCE UPON A TIME: mixed media drawing
ENVY—punctured wide open, icy shards slash at reason, I am overwhelmed ENDLESS CONVERSATIONS A Shift in Perception and Place
EMOTIONALLY DRIVEN: Mixed Media paintingCONTINUOUS CONVERSATIONS: drawing and sculpturesFALLING OFF THE GRID: painting
EVENESCENT matrix memories # 1 The Presence of Mind Installation
INFINITE REALITY: In Search of Memory: paintingsMATRIX MEMORIES & PATTERNS: mixed media drawing on paperPRESENCE OF MIND: mixed media installation