Artist Biography

Tanta DeStaffany Pennington is based in Victoria BC Canada and is a Fine Arts Diploma and Independent Studio Program graduate from the Vancouver Island School of Art. Tanta has exhibited work at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria International Airport, The Victoria Conference Centre, among other local galleries. Tanta has shown internationally, participating in the International 2011 Florence Biennale. Her work is featured in private collections in Western Canada, Hawaii, California, and Italy. Tanta’s practice includes painted canvas relief structures using materials such as wire, wool, and  screws, combined with objects made from metal, wood, and plastic. She also likes to amalgamate found materials and handmade objects with traditional methods of execution such as painting and drawing to create modern, innovative pieces. Tanta is currently focused on exploring a range of scales and formats including painting, drawing, installation, and sculpture.

Statement of Art Practice

My art examines a fragmented fantasy world composed of geometry, architecture, conversations and memories. Trusting both my abilities and my materials, abstract space becomes my method for navigating the blurry terrain between the known and the unknown. I usually work on many pieces at the same time going back and forth between sculptures, installations, wall works, paintings and drawings. I am comfortable working on either a small or large scale. Through these unconscious acts of art making I create abstract psychological and emotional spaces using my unique visual vocabulary. This language of interwoven patterns, hard-edged cell shapes and ethereal dream layers allows me to develop my relationship with form, movement and space. Using this creative process I am constantly editing and refining while applying my own sense of design in each new piece. The threads of past recollections are woven into the future as I investigate the edges between my internal voices and the external world. I am suspended between reality and memory as I move beyond the limits of reminiscence, age and shadow.

– Tanta DeStaffany Pennington